1) Tell us a little bit about yourself  – including something we may not know about you, how long you’ve been in Cayman and what brought you here.

  •  I am from Jamaica. I have been living in Cayman (on and off) for 7 years and I moved here for a change of environment and for new experiences! Something you may not know, is how much I love dancing, day and night!



2) What are some things that keep you motivated to keep showin up and workin on your fitness?

  •   Seeing results, looking good and feeling good!! My fitness has grown since joining 7 Mile. For the longest time being this fit was only a dream because of health reasons, and while I still must be careful, I now have the 7 Mile Community to keep me accountable and the coaches to help me adapt. 



3) We are halfway through 2022. What are some things you’ve accomplished so far? Anything else you’d like to accomplish? This can be inside or outside of the gym 🙂

  •   I’ve eliminated a lot of stress this year. Big Accomplishment. And also, Coach Mere would like me to add that a few months ago I did my first box jumps in class!



4) Favorite motto or mantra?

  •  Nope!



5) What is something you would tell your younger self?

  •  Listen more and talk less.



6) When you see  _____ in a workout, you think, “Yes, I love these!”

  •  Anything squatting and abs!



7) When you see _____ in a workout, you think, “Aw man these are so hard!”

  •  Burpees and push-ups..



8) What have you learned about yourself since joining our 7 Mile family?

  •  There is a lot I can do even with perceived limitations.



9) What is the best part of your day?

  • The morning – waking up to life, health and strength. 



10) Best word to describe you?

  • Patient. 



11) Favorite music to listen to?

  • I like soul music. My favorite song is “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” by Jennifer Holliday.



12) If you could write your own WOD, what would it look like?

  • This is what my workout would look like: rowing, skipping, sit-ups, squats, knee raises, kettlebell swings



13) Would you recommend 7 Mile Strength & Fitness to others and if so, why?

  • I love the gym and recommend it to all. What I like most is that the personal training sessions that are offered to prepare you for starting classes are detailed and the coaches are very attentive not to mention personal attention to persons with medical conditions. Ohhh and the towel service during and after a workout and towels to shower…the bathroom is fully stocked. Everything is in the gym for your comfort!