Part 2 of our Member Small Business highlights is Island Famous restaurant, Brussels Sprouts. Check out our interview with Chef and Owner, Anthony “Frenchy” George:


How long have you owned Brussels Sprouts? We started our business in August 2017, online and opened the doors of the cafe in September 2018.


What are you best known for? The best Bulletproof Coffee, the best house made cookie. Our sweet potato taco bowl, chili, and always very fresh, yummy food.


How many people do you employ? Eight


What’s the greatest thing about owning a business in Cayman? Seeing friends come in, meeting new people that become regulars, and making bellies happy.


How can local residents support you and your staff during this time? Place an order, we will bring it to you.


Why is fitness important to you as a business owner? Not only do I want to be physically fit, but working out relieves so much stress and tension. I have never worked out and said “oh, I wish I hadn’t. Just the opposite”😊.


In 50 years what do you hop you and your business are remembered for? Friendliness and providing consistent, quality food.


How did you get the name Brussels Sprouts for the restaurant? I am from Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Brussels sprouts is, at the same time, a very healthy vegetable and it’s a good reminder of where I originally from.


I thought you were French? Everyone at the gym calls me Frenchy! Even new members call me Frenchy because they don’t even know my real name!
My mother language is French, i have a little accent. And when i started CrossFit, it was with Chris Spigner at the old gym(the best gym). And he started to call me Frenchy even if he knew i was from Belgium!! He knew already at this time I didn’t like to be call a French man!! 9 years later and the nickname has stuck!
Ps: in the CrossFit 7 mile data base, they named me Frenchy George.🤣🤣

You can order easily from:

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 769-4027

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