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We utilize the Level Method training methodology at 7 Mile. The Level Method allows us to map out our clients fitness abilities and give them a clear training plan for improvements. Clients are assessed across 15 different categories to determine an overall fitness level and plans are made with their coach to progress their levels.

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““This gets very emotional for me. 7 Mile really saved me. I was that young girl who never had confidence in herself and at one time, I had a serious problem with my body image and hating on it. 7 Mile gave me confidence to know that I can do things I thought I never would do and I would look and feel amazing because I am happy being me. The Coaches are so supportive and want to see you succeed. I can’t thank 7 Mile enough for all they have done in my life and trust me, the minute you walk through those doors, you will never look back.””

– Jessica Pawlik

“I joined 7 Mile about 2 1/2 years ago. I was having problems with my knees, probably the start of arthritis and just generally wanted to feel a bit fitter. When I started I couldn’t run, because of my knees, if there was running in the workout I had to bike or row. Roll on some hard work and consistency…. awesome coaching with my Coach for Life and encouragement from all the other coaches….Yesterday I ran a mile in under 12 minutes. I know lots of other people do it in way less time but for me yesterday was a big achievement, I was chuffed to bits. Thank you 7 Mile!”

– Gillian Allan

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