This week we meet Nick Adendorff of Green 2 Go in our Member Small Business Highlight:

Tell us the name of your business, what you do and why do you love it so much?

  • Green2Go makes healthy living a convenience on island to the point where there are no more excuses, but to move forward and heal the body with nutrition. Green2Go’s expectations have never skewed from the main goal which is to heal the people of Cayman through nutrition. The current expansion and diversity of our products make this even more clear opening up the doors to all demographics on island moving forward.

When did you start Green 2 Go?

  • Green2Go was started in 2014
Where did you get the idea?
  • I started by making green smoothies for myself (Nick), to fulfill the need for leafy greens daily while I worked as a bartender. Working doubles daily left little time to eat clean and correctly. People started to see me consuming green smoothies behind the bar and asked if I could make it for them and deliver it. Crossfit 7 Mile had a huge part to do with the creation of Green2Go as well. The members started ordering from me which in turn is how Green2Go was born.
What are you best known for?
  • We are best know for healthy smoothies and Cold-Pressed juices made fresh daily and delivered. Our original Green Kale Smoothie is still one of our most popular products. It was the first product we created, uses mostly local produce from the Cayman farmers and is extremely healing and beneficial for the body.
What do you hope this crisis will teach people about the importance of health and wellness?
  • No matter what the scenario around us it’s essential to have some sort of routine to incorporate health and wellness into our daily lives. Creating such habitualness sets up a stronger foundation for us to fight off any negative situations that get thrown at us.

How many people do you employ?

  • We employ 5 full time and 4 part-time staff.


What’s the greatest thing about owning a business in Cayman?

  • Being able to live on such a gorgeous island, work for ourselves as well as help and heal people at the same time, is an absolute dream come true. Cayman’s diversity of cultures makes it a friendly and welcoming place to live.
We have seen you supporting the first responders in the community during this crisis.  Tell us why that is important to you.
  • During a time like this its crucial to give back and help others where you can. We can see the community come together to work as a team to get through difficult times, especially on a small island like Cayman. It’s important to us to help first responders specifically because we want them to stay healthy and continue helping others! It has been amazing watching all the companies that can help during this time contribute where necessary.
How can local residents support you and your staff during this time?
  • If anyone is feeling a little sluggish, sick, feels the need for a boost of nutrition or just simply wants a delicious fresh juice or smoothie? We deliver for FREE Mon-Sat between 7am-10am and we are open for curbside pick up Mon – Fri 7am-2pm. All details and orders can be made through our website or you can email any questions to [email protected]
Why is fitness important to you as a business owner?
  • Keeping the body healthy, keeps the mind healthy! Fitness helps us stay at the forefront of innovation, marketing and creativity.
Check out Green 2 Go on their Facebook Page at and get your healthy smoothy in today!