1) Tell us a little bit about yourself  – including something we may not know about you, where you grew up and what brought you to Cayman. 

  • I am Welsh but grew up in England and North Carolina. Have been living in the Caribbean for 11 years, and prior to arriving in Cayman last August was in BVI for 8 years with Danielle, and the two kids- Thomas and Olivia. They moved back to England in 2017 and I then split my time between Anguilla, St. Maarten and St. Barths and monthly trips back to the UK. I usually travel a lot with work as I work on construction projects around the Caribbean. After a few years in the UK, we decided we were ready for a change and are thoroughly enjoying ourselves in Cayman and excited about establishing our home here.



2) You’ve overcome some injuries over the last few months. Tell us a little about what happened and how you have bounced back and now crushing workouts 🙂

  • I was traveling to St Barths in September, and I fell in en route in Puerto Rico. I was admitted to hospital with salmonella poisoning that led to sepsis, kidney failure, and injury to my liver, pancreas, spleen, etc.  I was in hospital in Puerto Rico for a couple of weeks in pretty bad shape. I lost about 45lbs and a lot of muscle wastage after being pretty much horizontal for 2 months. I re-started my CrossFit journey in December doing rehab work with Larissa and have then joined the 7 Mile classes in January. I still have a way to go but everyone has their fitness journey and I’m enjoying mine at 7 Mile.


3) Your wife, Danielle and you are members of 7 Mile. Any friendly competition between you two or does she consistently beat you 😉 

  • Danielle says she is not competitive. I’m not afraid to say I am. We don’t compare ourselves or compete directly, but if she smashes a workout and tells me about it… I will try my best to beat her time! But she usually comes out on top!


4) What’s your favorite thing to do on island? 

  • A family day at 7 Mile Beach.


5) We aren’t like other gyms in that we have a Coach for Life as part our membership. How has this been helpful for you? 

  • This has been amazing, and Larissa is great at identifying issues, even during classes and giving me targeted rehab and strength exercises. I just need to spend more time doing them!


6) When you see  _____ in a workout, you think, “yes! I got this!”

  • Rowing


7) When you see _____ in a workout, you think, “uh oh!”

  • The list is long… Running & Deadlift


8) What have you learned about yourself since joining our 7 Mile family?

  • Slow down and enjoy the journey.


9) What would you say is the best/favorite part of your day? 

  • Walking into 7 Mile for a class.


10) Anything crazy on your bucket list? (bungee jumping, sky diving, hiking?) 

  • Sky diving.


11) Favorite song?

  • Pretty much anything by Red Hot Chili Peppers


12) If you could write your own WOD, what would it look like? 

  • Row 2km buy in:


– 10 x cleans

– 10 x burpees

– 30 DUs

– 50 x DB snatch

– 50 x wall balls


The clean & burpees increase each round in 10s (10-20-30-40-50) and the DB and wall balls decrease by 10 (50-40-30-20-10), DUs stay the same. 5 rounds total.



13) Would you recommend 7 Mile Strength & Fitness to others and if so, why?

  • It’s a welcoming community and great atmosphere with a strong blend of fun, encouragement, and skill training.



Congratulations again Jon! We are proud to have you as our March 7 Miler.

Wanda and the 7 Mile Crew