1) Tell us a little bit about yourself  – including something we may not know about you, how long you’ve been in Cayman and what brought you here.

  •  I moved to Cayman just over a year ago for work and haven’t regretted the decision. I have travelled to over forty countries – one of my reasons for moving was for the travel opportunities in this part of the world.


2) When you see  _____ in a workout, you think, “Awesome!!”

  •  Running (I know I am alone in this!)


3) When you see _____ in a workout, you think, “UGH!”

  •  Box jumps


4) What have you learned about yourself since joining our 7 Mile family?

  •  That doing things I don’t want to do can be good for me both physically and mentally (apart from box jumps, don’t make me do box jumps).


5) If you could write your own WOD, what would it look like?

10 Hang Power Cleans

5 Push Ups

10 Squats

5 Hanging leg raises

10 Sit Ups

Run 400m

As many rounds as possible for 20 minutes…



6) You just had a visit back to London. What is something you really miss (besides family and friends) from there?

  •  Being able to wander by the river with a coffee and stop at Borough market or Greenwich market along the way


7) What is your favorite thing to do on island?

  •  7 Mile Beach or Sunset House with friends


8) If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be? 😉

  • Sociable


9) Anything on your bucket list?

  •  Swim in the Dead Sea, ski a red run without crying, learn (more) German, do a triathlon, lots more travel


10) What is the best part of your day?

  •  Coffee (and 7am Crossfit Class of course 😉 )


11) Favorite place you’ve visited?

  •  Japan – amazing food, culture and scenery


12) Favorite music to listen to?

  •  House music (or 90s pop)


13) Would you recommend 7 Mile Strength & Fitness to others and if so, why?

  •  Absolutely! The trainers are great, you will get a great workout and most importantly for me there is a real sense of community. It has become one of my favourite parts of the day.


Congratulations again Kate! We are proud to have you as our October 7 Miler.

Wanda and the 7 Mile Crew 🙂