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This is a 17 week program that begins on Tuesday, August 10th and runs until Thursday, December 2nd and will prepare you for the race on Sunday, December 5th! We will meet 3 times a week Tuesday and Thursday nights and early Sunday mornings. You will receive a complimentary assessment with a coach that will include gait analysis, injury and healthy history, as well as anything else you feel would be important for the coach to know before you begin training.

There will be running of course! But we will also utilize strength training as well as plenty of core work to prepare your whole body for the physical challenge of a marathon/half-marathon/relay team. Throughout the 4 month program you will also have 3 one-on-one personal training sessions where you will get individual coaching on any specific weaknesses or imbalances in order to help you run more efficiently, translating to running faster, longer, and pain-free!

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