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Our Focus

As a MadLab and Level Method facility we are focused on the Coach to Client relationship. Our programs are aimed to keep clients safe and improving their fitness with regular check ins with their coach. Clients are assigned a Coach for Life that takes them through Fundamentals and then continues to work with then in private coaching sessions through their hybrid membership.

Our Training Methodology

We utilize the Level Method training methodology at 7 Mile. The Level Method allows us to map out our clients fitness abilities and give them a clear training plan for improvements. Clients are assessed across 15 different categories to determine an overall fitness level and plans are made with their coach to progress their levels. The tenants of the Level Method are to 1) Assess the clients initial ability, 2) Address any injuries or incorrect movement patterns and then 3) Progress the clients fitness levels.

Two new time slots added to our schedule: Mondays + Wednesdays at 815am! Ideal for parents who drop their kids off at school in the mornings and/or folks who have a flexible schedule. Schedule your Morning Classes today!

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