1) Tell us a little bit about yourself – people just see you come in and smash WOD’s and leave 😉 Give us a day in the life of Schmarrah!

  • My alarm typically goes off at 4:30am. Get up, walk Princess (my dog), then get ready for the gym. Listen to a podcast on the way to the 5:30am class. Hit that, then do about 30mins of accessory work. Shower at the gym because I love the bathrooms (lol). Walk over to work, home, rinse and repeat.



2) When you see  _____ in a workout, you think, “I got this!”

  • Power cleans. Preferably heavy power cleans.



3) When you see _____ in a workout, you think, “Well this is definitely not my jam!”

  • I think everyone is aware of my love/hate (sometimes hate/hate) relationship with burpees. I’ve worked on them but they’re just not fun. And practicing them before the wod takes me out. I’m always thinking “trust me I know how to drop and get back up.”



4) Favorite sports hero?

  • I don’t know if he is my favourite but I like Matt Fraser and I liked him more after I learned he gave up drinking. I gave up drinking as well. It just wasn’t fitting into my life and my life improved dramatically for it. I don’t think it matters what the “thing” is, if it’s no longer working for you then get rid of it/move on.



5) If you could write your own WOD, what would it look like?

  • 5rds:  400m run / 15 Power Cleans (185/135) / Ring Muscle Ups (5/4) – now that I can do them I’m having a lot of fun



6) Mantra or motto?

  • “All gas no brakes” is a good one
  • “We were built to work hard” is pretty good too
  • I also like “Pressure is a Privilege” – the older I get the more I enjoy challenging myself



7) Favorite place to visit?

  • Anywhere with my fiance Ashley. She honestly makes everything a good time and her happiness, especially at weddings, is contagious.



8) Who is one celebrity you would like to sit and have lunch with?

  • I don’t know if I want to sit and eat with them but I would love to hit back or leg day with The Rock at his Iron Paradise gym.



9) Anything on your bucket list?

  • Formula 1 Grand Prix race in Monaco



10) What is the best part of your day?

  • My gym time. I get my best thinking done during a workout.



11) We are only a few weeks into 2023. Any goals for this year? Anything you wanna check off that list?

  • I’m seriously considering entering a bodybuilding competition but we’ll see. I’d like to step on stage once in my life. I wanted to try a marathon at one point in my life but if the race passes anywhere close to my house I’m stopping.



12) What is a memory that you look back on and it really makes you smile?

  • December 19th, 2020 I met Ashley at a party and I remember locking eyes with her. Still makes me smile.



13) Would you recommend 7 Mile Strength & Fitness to others and if so, why?

  • I would definitely recommend 7 Mile Strength & Fitness because of the coaching. I post on IG a lot and people approach me and ask for coaching. I decline because that’s not my area of expertise. I think the fitness space is saturated with a lot of “coaches” giving garbage advice and it shows. I like discussing my particular issues with my Coach for Life, Chris Spigner, and he always gives me practical specific advice. If your coach doesn’t know more than you do I think there’s a problem.