1) Tell us a little bit about yourself  – including something we may not know about you, how long you’ve been in Cayman and what brought you here.

  • I am a Chartered Educational Psychologist working with children, parents and teachers. I am a Past President of Rotary Central and was CEO of Inclusion Cayman (previously The Special Needs Foundation). I moved here in 2006 with my two daughters Alice and Katy, then 14 & 17.



2) What does a “Day in the Life of Susie” look like?

  • My day starts peacefully with a nice walk, followed by an espresso in my garden. Because I have my own business every day is different but I try hard to protect my calm outdoor starts to the day.  My day consists of assessments, training (both adults and children) and interventions. It also includes more espresso and as much time in the garden as possible.




3) It’s a family affair for you at the gym. We absolutely love the fact that you and both your daughters are a part of our community. Tell us a little bit about how all 3 of you came to us and what that experience has been like for you as a mom.

  • I absolutely love the fact that my girls are also part of the gym, it is such a bonus to turn up for class and find one, or both of them there. Katy joined the gym first and then encouraged Alice. While recovering from a fractured spine in 2020 Katy suggested that I have sessions with Chris and even paid for them.  She started me on a journey to less pain, more mobility and for the first time in my life a little internal competition with myself to achieve more in the gym.




4) You just recently “Leveled Up” during our assessments. Congratulations, we are all very proud of you for all the work you’ve put in. How was that feeling for you?

  • I have surprised myself at how excited I get to Level Up. It feels great. I know I am a long way behind others but as long as I am making progress and moving towards the next goal it feels fantastic.



5) What’s your favorite thing to do on island? Favorite thing to do off island?

  •   Favorite things to do on island are gardening, being on the beach, sitting with a beautiful view and of course being in the gym. Off island I love to be somewhere warm with a good view.



6) When you see  _____ in a workout, you think, “Uh-oh, I struggle with these!”

  • When I see running in a workout I think ‘oh no’. I have never been able to run but am pleased that I have made some progress and will continue to improve I’m sure.



7) When you see _____ in a workout, you think, “I love these and can’t wait to do the workout!”

  • When I see Russian Kettlebell Swings I get excited for the workout.



8) What have you learned about yourself since joining our 7 Mile family?

  • I love that 7 Mile really feels welcoming and that everybody is accepted for their level. I have learned that anyone can join and achieve. We are all at different ages and stages so all have our baselines. But we can all get fitter and healthier.



9) What would you say is the best part of your day?

  • The two best parts of my day are my morning walk when the new day feels like it has such potential, and at the end of a class When I have managed to complete the workout. I always leave with more of a buzz than when I arrive.



10) Favorite motto or mantra?

  • Favorite motto is ‘It is all happening perfectly’ a Buddha quote. We go through things and can’t always see why. This quote relates to the fact that everything is part of a bigger plan and that one day we will look back and understand why things happen.



11) Favorite music to listen to?

  •   I love so much music and it changes depending on the time of day. Everything except Jazz!



12) If you could write your own WOD, what would it look like?

  •    My own WOD would include KBS, rowing, deadlifts and possibly some sit ups. It would NOT include running.



13) Would you recommend 7 Mile Strength & Fitness to others and if so, why?

  • I would absolutely recommend 7 Mile. To others and have done so. It is welcoming, friendly and all the staff are so helpful. The atmosphere encourages you to attend and to get fit. You just have to start the journey.



Congratulations again Susie! We are proud to have you as our July 7 Miler.

Wanda and the 7 Mile Crew